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To be the premier pooper-scooper brand by striving to create positive experiences…every customer, every day.

My Core Values and Beliefs

My business is a reflection of myself. I am my word. I will never do anything to tarnish my reputation or to minimize my responsibilities to either my clients or the pets they place in my stewardship. We improve the quality of our customers’ lives. We exist to serve our customers by freeing them of the tedium and nuisance of pet ownership. I am committed to value, quality and convenience and providing extraordinary service far beyond the ordinary. That means going the extra mile – ALWAYS being helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. ALWAYS taking the time to calm and relieve the stress and anxiety of the pets in my care.
These core values create whole and complete social and working relationships and provide an actionable pathway to earning the trust and honor of others. There are inevitable consequences when these values are not faithfully fulfilled and I accept responsibility for my choices and actions. I strive to live my values; they are what I stand for. They are who I am.

  • Service to Society:  We are one community. I am responsible for community welfare, environmental protection, and providing products and services that meet real physical and social needs. I am cause in the matter of a better society.
  • Tolerance and acceptance: For all our differences, we share one world. To be tolerant is to welcome the differences and delight in the sharing. Respect others for who they are, not their beliefs. 
  • Caring: I give of myself for the benefit of others. I am charitable, and empathic to the concerns and needs of others.  I am never unkind, cruel, spiteful, or malicious.  In short, I treat all people with kindness and generosity. It’s about giving of myself.
  • Stewardship: Business is not about making the almighty buck; it’s about stewardship. It’s about caring for the health and safety of our customers and their pets. I take stewardship of my customers’ pets and property seriously.  I care and treat my customers’ pets as I would treat my own. As if every pet is entirely reliant on me for its every physical and psychological needs. The safety and wellbeing of the pets placed in our care is important to us not because it’s important to their owners, but just because its important. 
  • Honesty and integrity (honoring one’s word): Doing what I say I will do, when I say I will do it or acknowledging immediately to those that are counting on my word when I am unable keep my word and cleaning up the consequences. I am truthful to clients, employees, and vendors without duplicity or deceptive or deceitful words or action.
  • Will to succeed:  I have a strong will to succeed, but not at any cost.  Succeeding without ethics is not only cheating others, it’s cheating and cheapening myself.
  • Thoroughness at all times and excellence in all things: I do not cut corners. My customers deserve the very best service.  Work that lacks integrity lacks respect both for my clients and myself.  I deliver the highest value service in Portland. We are not, nor will we ever be the cheapest. We are the best value and we wow our customers every time. It means going beyond only what is expected. It means finding time in my busy schedule to repair fences and gate latches or comforting lonely dogs, even when nobody is watching.
  • Be an example to everyone.
  • Wag more, bark less.

These are my core values and beliefs. 

This I believe!

Here are our full Service Promises and Mission Statement and Core Values. These links will open a new browser window and require an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file reader.

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